Dublin Dentist Fees

As each case is unique, prices below are given as a guide only. Dentist fees vary depending on the complexity of the treatment required. Each patient is assessed individually and a customised dental treatment plan is drawn up.

Dental Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan€45
Emergency Dental Appointment€75
Dental Hygiene Services
Dental Hygienist Treatment (Hygienist)€75
Dental Hygienist Treatment (Dentist, as part of exam)€45
Advanced Gum Disease€75 per quadrant
Dental X-Rays
Small (single tooth)€20
Large / OPG (full mouth)€45
Dental Fillings
White (Composite Resin Restoration)€95 to €145
Metal (Amalgam)€95
Tooth Extraction
Routine€125 to €195
Surgical€195 to €295
Acrylic based (partial or full arch)€495 to €750
Metal based (partial)€990 to €1,450
Root Canal Treatment (20% tax relief available)
Single rooted front tooth€395
Double rooted premolar teeth€495
Multi rooted molar teeth€695
Restorative Dentistry (20% tax relief available)
Dental Crowns
Metal Ceramic€795
Lava / Procera / Emax (highly polished aesthetic ceramic)€895
Inlay / Onlay€595
Post and Core Preparation
Chair side€145
Dental Bridges
Metal Ceramic€600 per unit
Lava / Procera / Emax€700 per unit
Dental Veneers
All Ceramic (da Vinci)€695
Lab Made Componeer (highly aesthetic lab made composite veneer)€395
Chairside Componeer (highly polished aesthetic composite)€195
Dental Implants
Crown Placement over Implant€1,300
We only use either Nobel Biocare / Ankylos or Straumann implant systems, which are world leaders in this industry. We don’t use cheaper,
copy systems as many dentists do to bring the cost down, as they are prone to failure.
Teeth Whitening (take-home kit)€295
Orthodontics (20% tax relief available)
Super Slim Inman Aligner (includes all visits and Essix retainer) *50% off teeth whitening€1,995
Inman Aligner with Midline Expansion Screw (includes all visits and Essix retainer)
*50% off teeth whitening
Fanscrew Device€495
Fixed Appliances
Clear Smile Brace (Porcelain Brackets) - upper and lower arches *50% off teeth whiteningFrom €3,495
Six Month Smiles (Plastic Brackets) *50% off teeth whitening
  • Single Arch
  • Two Arches
€2,995 – €3,495
Clear Aligners
Invisalign / Clear Aligners€150 per aligner
(or €95 per finisher aligner)
Essix Retainer€145
Bonded Retainer (also includes complimentary Essix / Removable Retainer)€245
Sports Mouthguards€55
Bite (grinding) Splint€145 (soft) / €245 (hard)
Facial Aesthetics (Anti-WrinkleTreatments)
€295 per area with a maximum price of €495 for three areas i.e. frontal frown lines, crows feet (around eyes), glabella (between eyes)

cancelling an appointment

If you do need to cancel your dentist appointment, please give as much notice as possible. In order to maintain our competitive fees, a charge will be applied if less than 24 working hours notice (two days) is given.