Single Visit Crowns and Bridges at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge

At Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge we’re delighted to have recently introduced a CEREC machine to the practice. We always strive to use the latest technology and modern techniques to offer our patients cutting-edge treatment. With the CEREC machine, Dr Keenan and Dr Collins can now offer treatments which used to take several weeks to complete in just one visit to the clinic in Dublin 4. This technology and software allows your dentist to design and produce a custom-made crown (including implant crowns), bridge, inlay or onlay, in our new in-house digital lab, and fit it right away.

Dr David Keenan, principal dentist at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge, tells us more:

“We’ve always used the very best dental labs in Ireland, the UK and the US to provide top quality dental crowns and bridges. The downside of this approach for busy patients was that treatment had to be done in stages, and meant multiple visits. It also meant a temporary solution was needed in the meantime. Now we can prepare, make and fit crowns, bridges and even implant crowns in one visit. The ease and convenience of this for our patients is fantastic!”

The CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) system uses special CAD/CAM technology to scan the patient’s mouth and design a unique, colour-matched restoration. The machine uses the same high quality materials used by dental technicians in specialist labs to make the restoration, and this can then be fitted right away!

There’s no compromise on quality and no messy impressions for moulds, with every advantage of safety, a quick turnaround and a beautifully restored, natural-looking tooth!
In the coming months we’ll also be using the CEREC technology to enhance our orthodontic treatments, so check back for more updates on this!

At Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge we are delighted to be one of only a handful of dental surgeries in Dublin to be able to offer the benefits of CEREC technology to our patients. For an appointment with Dr Keenan or Dr Collins to see if CEREC is the solution for you, call the office today on 01 668 3242.

Additional Clinics with Dr André Collins

Dr André CollinsThe newest dentist at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge, Dr André Collins is proving very popular. His clinics have been so busy this year that we’re delighted to announce that we’re now able to offer an additional clinic on Thursdays with André, including more early morning appointments, which are always in high demand. This is in addition to the two late evening clinics Dr Collins already offers each week.

Dr Collins has extensive experience in general dentistry, having worked in both the UK and Australia for many years. He also provides cosmetic dentistry and can complement treatments such as composite bonding and highly aesthetic crown and veneers, with adult cosmetic orthodontics, all conveniently under one roof at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge.

André is also very experienced at using our new CEREC machine. This fantastic piece of high tech equipment allows him to prepare and fit crowns, bridges and inlays/onlays in just one day. We’ll be posting more information about the CEREC machine in the coming weeks, so check back for updates!

To make an appointment with Dr André Collins, please call the office on 01 668 3242.

New Super Slim Inman Aligner 3 Month Brace

Inman Aligner logo

The Inman aligner is one of the most popular types of braces available here at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge. While all of the systems provided by Dr David Keenan are short-term, cosmetic braces, the Inman aligner allows most patients to complete their treatment in the quickest time, usually just 3-4 months.

Super Slim Inman Aligner

With any braces, patients have to learn to adapt to speaking while wearing the appliance. Until now, the main disadvantage of the Inman aligner was that it could take patients a while to adapt their speech. However the new Super Slim Inman aligner takes care of this, and it’s lighter, thinner and more discrete than before!

  • The bow is three times thinner than before;
  • The plastic is more transparent and so more ‘invisible’;
  • Patients can adapt their speech faster;
  • There’s no reduction in effectiveness;
  • The new Super Slim Inman aligner can actually improve treatment times, as patients are less likely to remove the device and will wear it for longer each day.

Here’s an example of a patient who has been wearing her new Inman Aligner for just two weeks. Her braces are so discrete it’s hard to either see or hear that she’s wearing them!

You can read much more about the Imnan aligner on the orthodontics section of our website and we regularly add photos of patients before and after treatment to our Instagram feed. If you would like to arrange a free consultation appointment with Dr Keenan to discuss the Inman aligner or any of our orthodontic systems, please call 01 668 3242.


New Associate Dentist at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge

Dr André CollinsWe’ve very happy to welcome Dr André Collins to Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge. Dr Collins comes from South Africa, where he qualified at Stellenbosch University, via Australia and the UK where he has gained more than ten years of experience in private practice. He now lives in Dublin with his Irish wife and children.

André’s experience ranges from primary dental care to advanced restorative and full rehabilitative treatment. Here at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge he offers general and cosmetic dentistry treatments. He has a particular interest in dental implants, minor oral surgery and digital dentistry, with experience in providing CAD/CAM restorations which we will shortly be introducing to Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge.

He will be offering both early morning and late evening dental appointments every week.  To book, please call 01 668 3242 or email

Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge are Irish Dentistry Awards finalists!

Irish Dentistry Awards Finalist LogoThe Irish Dentistry Awards 2017 shortlists have been announced and Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge has been included in two categories, the prestigious ‘Best Patient Care’ shortlist and the ‘Most Attractive Practice’ shortlist. The whole team is delighted to be recognised for the work we do, especially among such tough competition.

Our patients are our number one priority and we always aim to offer the best possible care. We offer a range of treatment options to give our patients the best choice. The materials we use are of the highest quality and we offer both early morning and late evening appointments for our patients’ convenience.

As Dr David Keenan says “we pride ourselves in offering a ‘concierge’ service to our patients and we do everything we can to make their experience of visiting the practice as comfortable and hassle-free as possible”.  This is why it means so much to us to be shortlisted in this category. It recognises the efforts we make to go above and beyond our patients’ expectations for care. “This year we have introduced oral surgery clinics with Dr Eimear McHugh which are very popular, and mean patients can have even more of their treatment needs met under one roof at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge,” adds Dr Keenan.

Little Christmas Tree and Candle at Pembroke Dental BallsbridgeWe’ve also been shortlisted in the ‘Most Attractive Practice’ category. Dr David Keenan and the team pay great attention to detail around the practice to make it as pleasant as possible to visit the dentist.

This weekend we’ve put up our Christmas decorations around the practice and we’re really getting into the festive spirit!

Dr David Keenan and the team would like to take this opportunity to thank our patients who have continued to support the practice over the years. We recognise that without our wonderful patients, we would not be able to do what we do. We’re looking forward to the announcement of the eventual winners at the Irish Dentistry Awards in February and wish all of our fellow finalists the very best of luck!

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