Employee Dental Services for Dublin Businesses

As a local business with a team of employees, we at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge understand how important it is to keep your workers happy and healthy. Absences due to dental problems and appointments are costly and disruptive. Many businesses in Dublin D4 now offer dental insurance to employees as part of their employment benefits.

Our relationships with Vhi Dental, DeCare Dental and Laya Healthcare mean we can work on behalf of our corporate partners to help employees care for their dental health and maximise their dental policy cover, while minimising time needed away from the office or dealing with admin during working hours.

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I’m an Employer Providing Dental Insurance to Employees in Dublin…what do I do?

We have a simple 3-step process for any employers who want to ensure their workers get the very best dental treatment on offer in Dublin D4.

Step 1: Contact Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge to tell us about your company’s dental insurance scheme – this will ensure that your employees are given the right advice on making use of their insurance cover. We can also list you on our website so that both current and potential employees know that your company is actively involved in staff wellbeing.

Step 2: Make your employees aware that Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge are registered providers of dental care with Vhi Dental, DeCare Dental and Laya Healthcare – we are happy to provide text, logos and images for employee intranet sites, employee handbooks and graphics for your staff canteen notice boards.

Step 3: … that’s it, our corporate partners don’t need to do anything else – Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge will take it from here!

How our Dental Plans Work For Employees

(See below for a list of Dublin companies currently working with Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge).

We understand that you’re busy, which is why we’ve made the process as painless and straightforward as possible.

First: Contact Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge to schedule a new patient exam/x-ray appointment with one of our dentists at a time that works for you. You can even book this back-to-back with an appointment with the hygienist if you also want a scale and polish. When booking, don’t forget to mention if you have Vhi Dental, DeCare Dental or Laya Healthcare so that we can advise you correctly on how to manage your insurance cover.

For Dental Exams and Hygienist Cleaning Appointments

Direct Pay (with Vhi Dental or DeCare Dental Insurance)

If you have Vhi Dental or DeCare Dental insurance, you should call your insurer and ask that they send confirmation of your cover for exams, cleanings and x-rays to Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge. This is valid for the next 30 days.

***If you have Vhi Dental or DeCare Dental insurance you can also use the Pay & Claim Back method, but we recommend setting up direct pay in advance so that you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed and you know what cover you have prior to receiving treatment and paying fees***

Pay & Claim Back

If you have Laya Healthcare insurance, you don’t need to do anything. Fees are paid by the patient on the day for routine dental care and you will be given a receipt to claim your expenses back from your insurer.

(Cover for dental treatment is dependent on the health insurance scheme that members are on/their level of cover and members should check their cover before having treatment if they intend to claim back. Click on the links above to see the individual terms and conditions).

For certain procedures Laya will require pre-approval and direct billing – the staff at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge will look after this for patients when this case arises, saving both time and the hassle of remembering to sort paperwork!

For Treatment Appointments

At your dental exam appointment, we will create a treatment plan for you and send it directly to Vhi Dental or DeCare Dental, so you don’t have to worry about dates and deadlines. Your insurer will assess your treatment plan and confirm your cover according to the terms of your dental insurance policy.

The coverage details will be sent directly to you by your insurer and this cover is valid for 30 days. This allows you to schedule your appointments when it suits you, and gives you full view of your costs before you have any treatment.

Patients with Laya Healthcare insurance will be given a treatment plan and will need to contact Laya directly to check cover. Again, you will be paying in full on the day of your appointment and then claiming back from your insurer.

Simple. Efficient. Quality.

What Insurance Companies Do We Work With?

At Pembroke Dental we believe in making quality employee dental care as simple as possible. This means we’re able to work with the biggest names in dental insurance here in the Republic of Ireland. If your company uses any of the following dental plan insurers, we can accept appointment requests and start offering the best dental health service in Dublin for your employees right away. If you don’t use Laya healthcare, VHI Insurance or DeCare Dental, why not get in touch anyway to discuss your needs? We may already be in the process of registering with whomever you use.

Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge Corporate Partners with Dental Insurers

Laya Healthcare
DeCare Dental
VHI Healthcare

Cover for dental treatment is dependent on the terms and conditions of each provider in relation to the member’s level of cover. It’s important to check your level of cover before having treatment. Click on the links above to see the individual terms and conditions.

This means that once a dental plan has been approved by the insurance provider, we can start immediate dental treatments for employees of the following companies:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Survey Monkey
  • Tableau
  • AirBnB
  • LinkedIn
  • Google

Why we believe that Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge is the best dentist in Dublin

Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge offer a range of services to help reduce employee absences due dental treatment needs:

  • One-visit dentistry with CEREC technology
  • Convenient location in central Ballsbridge near bus 4, 7, 8, 18 and Dart lines
  • Early morning, lunchtime and late evening opening hours
  • Back-to-back appointments with dentists, hygienists and a specialist oral surgeon to make the most of each dental visit
  • Taking care of routine dental insurance admin on behalf of patients with DeCare Dental and Vhi Dental, and non-routine dental treatments with Laya Healthcare
  • General, specialist and hygienist care all under one roof

Find out more about our Corporate Dental Plans in Dublin

What will this cost?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the care we have for every patient that walks through our doors. This means we don’t have a ‘race to the bottom’ mentality for our pricing. All of our services are priced realistically and fairly, which means your employees are getting the best possible service for the best possible price. You can see a full, transparent list of our fees here on the website.

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What our existing patients say about our dental treatment

Níamh McMahon

"Fantastic Dentist! I have always been slightly insecure about my smile and thought it would take years to fix. David and his team have made such a big difference to my smile in just 5 months! I would definitely recommend David and his team. Thanks again!"

(To see more customer opinions, take a look at our dedicated testimonials page)

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We look forward to welcoming both established and new patients to our state of the art dentist practice, Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge in Dublin 4.

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