Don’t Miss Out on Corporate & Student Discount Prices – 10{dd286a9994accd12b3ee3463fd5ca760ec024785405f9abfcce6ea8bdb1e0ef1} Discount Ending Soon

The special corporate and student discount schemes operated by Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge since 2013 will be closing at the end of this year. Companies who have employees who wish to avail of the 10- discount on treatment need them to register before 8th of October 2017 as the treatment needs to be completed before the end of December 2017. If you already have a treatment plan that is still to be completed, be sure to contact the office on 01 668 3242 to schedule your appointments as soon as possible, as the clinic can get very busy in the run up to Christmas.

We operate a number of other schemes available to help patients manage their dental expenses:

  • Our referral scheme thanks patients for referring their family and friends by crediting €20 towards dental treatment to both the new patient and the referrer.
  • We are part of the direct pay scheme with Vhi Dental and DeCare Dental, meaning that we can bill the insurer directly for patients with appropriate cover. This means patients are not out of pocket between when they visit the practice and claim back their expenses.
  • We offer 0% finance on our orthodontic treatments.

Other benefits of attending Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge include:

  • We provide convenience:
    • We offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry combined with dental hygiene services. We have an in-house specialist oral surgeon for implant and oral surgery requirements.
    • We also offer early morning, lunchtime and late evening appointments – meaning a minimum of time required out of the office or off work – and we’re very conveniently located just opposite the American Embassy.
    • We offer same-day inlays/inlays and crowns with our in house digital lab so you don’t have to book further appointments, one of only a handful of dental practices in the country to provide this service.
  • We are happy to help with claims for tax relief under the Med 2 scheme, to check with the Department of Social Protection if scheduled patients qualify for a free annual dental exam under the PRSI scheme, and to assist with copies of receipts and account statements for patients with other insurance policies.
  • Plus, our staff are keen to partake in health fairs and presentations that you may have as part of your company’s staff welfare scheme or contribute to content about oral health issues for your company newsletters.

If you require any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge on 01 669 3242 or email .

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