Dublin Dentist Fees

As each case is unique, prices below are given as a guide only. Dentist fees vary depending on the complexity of the treatment required. Each patient is assessed individually and a customised dental treatment plan is drawn up. Need further advice? Our highly trained team of dentists are here to help. Contact us today for a consultation or to book an appointment.

Routine Prices
Dental Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan€55 *Free if PRSI qualified
(must be pre-approved)
Emergency Dental Appointment€95
Specialist Consultation (requires referral)€150
Scale & Polish€90 *€15-€38 if PRSI qualified
(must be pre-approved)
Perio Scaling€165 per quadrant or per 30 minutes
Fluoride Application€40
Small X-ray€25
Large X-ray / OPG (full mouth)€60
Teeth Whitening (take-home kit)€350
Dental Fillings
White (Composite Resin Restoration) Tooth FillingFrom €155
Tooth Extraction
Routine (by Dentist)€195
Surgical (by Dentist)€250
Tooth Extraction by SpecialistPrice on assessment
Valplast DentureFrom €495
Acrylic Dentures (acrylic partial denture or full arch)€495 to €995
Metal Dentures (partial)From €1,495
Root Canal Treatment - Treatment carried out by Specialist Endodontist will differ - (20% tax relief available)
Root Canal Treatment (20% tax relief available)€495
Root Canal Treatment (20% tax relief available)€595
Multi rooted molar teeth€795
Restorative Dentistry (20% tax relief available)
Dental Crowns Lava / Procera / Emax (highly polished aesthetic ceramic)€995
Dental Crowns CEREC - one visit€995 posterior
€1,195 anterior
Crown Recement€95
Post and Core Preparation€245
Dental Bridges Lava/Procera/Emax€895 per unit
ICON White Spot Removal Treatment€350
Porcelain Veneers€995 per unit
Composite VeneersFrom €395
Digital Wax Up€495
Dental Implants (20% tax relief available)
Dental Implant€1,450
Crown Placement over Implant€1,450
We only use either Nobel Biocare / Ankylos or Straumann implant systems, which are world leaders in this industry. We don’t use cheaper, copy systems as many dentists do to bring the cost down, as they are prone to failure.
Orthodontics (20% tax relief available & 50% off Teeth Whitening)
Clear Aligners
Invisalign™ (both arches)€3,495 - €6,995
SureSmile® (both arches)€3,495 - €6,995
Inman AlignerFrom €2,995
Fixed Braces
Clear Smile Brace™ (Porcelain Brackets) - both arches€3,995 - €6,995
Six Month Smiles™ (Plastic Brackets) - both arches€3,995 - €6,995
Essix Retainer (removable)€175
Bonded Retainers (fixed, plus complimentary Essix Retainer)€245
Vivera Removeable Invisalign Retainers (includes full arch scan of teeth)€600 (3 sets)
Sports Mouthguards€95
Bite Splint / Night Guard for Grinding€195 (soft) / €350 (hard)
Prices as at January 2024

Cancelling an Appointment

If you do need to cancel your dentist appointment, please give as much notice as possible. In order to maintain our competitive fees, a charge will be applied if less than 48 working hours notice (two days) is given.

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