How Much Does A Full Set Of Teeth Implants Cost In Dublin

How much does a full set of dental implants cost


Losing one or more teeth can cause physical and emotional distress. For decades, the tooth replacement option for people who had lost all their teeth were removable dentures consisting of acrylic teeth. Unfortunately, many people are not satisfied with complete dentures as they tend to get stained easily, do not fit properly and do not adequately restore one’s eating and speaking capability. If you are also one of those individuals who are not happy with their complete and would like to get their missing teeth replaced with a long term, fully functional and aesthetically pleasant tooth replacement option, then you can benefit from a dental implant-supported complete set of teeth. 

Can I Get Full Mouth Dental Implants?

By far, dental implant-supported full mouth dentures are the most durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasant option for replacing missing teeth. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, any individual who lost all their natural teeth – either because of gum disease or trauma – is a candidate for getting full mouth dental implants.

However, dental implant treatment requires that an individual has good oral and physical health. More importantly, there must be sufficient jawbone available to support the implant. You may also benefit from full mouth implants if you would like to switch from your conventional removable dentures to an implant-supported complete denture.

Do Implants Work Like Real Teeth?

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, just like natural teeth. Over time, the implants get firmly anchored within the jawbone and provides a solid foundation for any prosthesis that is attached to it to serve as replacement teeth. Therefore, dental implants function, feel, and look just like your own teeth – The only difference is that you don’t get any sensation from the implants like you do natural teeth.

Unlike the removable dentures, which often get loose with time, the implant-supported dentures are anchored in the bone like natural teeth. As a result, they will completely restore your facial esthetics as well as your ability to eat and speak normally. 

What Is All On 4 Dental Implants?

All-on-four implant dentures are an excellent alternative to conventional full dentures. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, all-on-four refers to a complete fixed denture supported by only four implants placed at each full jaw’s strategic locations. All-on-four prostheses are also suitable for individuals who do not have sufficient jawbone to support more implants and are not eligible candidates for undergoing bone grafting. 

Your dentist will insert two implants in the front and two implants in the back in an all-on-four prosthesis. After their insertion, these implants will be left undisturbed so they can get firmly embedded in the bone, this process is known as osseointegration.

In the meantime, your dentist will give you temporary dentures, so you don’t have to go without your teeth during the waiting period. Once the implants are fully anchored and stabilised, your denture will attach a complete fixed bridge to them. Unlike the conventional removable dentures, all-on-four implant-supported dentures remain fixed and allow you to eat and speak without difficulty. 

Why Are Implants So Expensive?

Indeed, dental implant cost is relatively higher than alternative tooth replacement options like removable dentures and bridges. For example, if your dentist recommends six implants for supporting a 12 unit fixed bridge, it will cost you €8100 for six implants (€1,350 per implant) and €15,600 for the 12 unit bridge (€1,300 per crown over implant). In Ireland there is also 20% tax relief making quite a big difference to the overall price. But there is a reason why dental implant treatment is expensive. 

  • Dentist’s Time and Effort – to successfully replace missing teeth with even a single dental implant, dentists have to study each patient’s case for many hours and prepare a custom treatment plan. 
  • Extensive Training – dentists have to undergo additional training after dental school before being able to place dental implants.
  • Specialised Equipment – dental implants’ placement requires careful treatment planning, which involves sophisticated, high-end diagnostic equipment like 3D x-rays, digital impression system, CB CT scan, and 3D printing. All these equipment are very costly and, their maintenance cost is reflected in the price of the implants.  
  • Expensive Dental Materials – the materials required for the implants’ placement and the fabrication of the bridges requires high-grade dental materials that cost relatively more than the ones routinely used for dental treatment. 
  • Need for Sedation – in cases where dentists have to place multiple implants in a single sitting, or when they have to treat nervous patients, they prefer to perform these procedures under conscious sedation. Again, it is a costly procedure that attracts additional cost. 
  • Team members – you will also notice when you have implants there are more team members present. You will have dentists, nurses as well as reception team members to ensure your treatment runs smoothly.

Due to the factors mentioned above, the dental implant treatment cost is more than alternative tooth replacement options. 

What Is The Implant Process?

Implant surgery is usually done in multiple steps. In the first appointment, your dentist will perform the implant insertion. During this step, your dentist will first administer local anaesthesia along with conscious sedation to make you pain free. Afterwards, they will make an incision over the soft tissues to expose the underlying bone – and create a hole at the predetermined sites where the implants have to be inserted. Your dentist will then carefully screw each implant at its position, one by one. 

Once all the implants have been inserted, a healing collar will be attached to them to ensure undisturbed healing. After 4-6 months, once complete healing of the implant site has taken place and the implant has become firmly embedded, your dentist will attach the fixed bridge over them to replace all your missing teeth. 

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Dental implants are made from high-quality titanium alloys, which are durable, strong and safe for use inside the oral cavity. According to the American Dental Association, you can expect your implants to last for a lifetime, provided they are looked after properly through oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental checkups.

If you are looking for a dental implant practice in Dublin, then Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge should be your first choice as our implants are placed by our specialist periodontist, Dr Rory Nolan. Dr Nolan is also able to take referrals from other dental practices in the local area, if you would like implants and your current dentist doesn’t offer them, you might like to ask your dentist to refer your patients here. In addition to offering high-quality dental services, we also have a team of dentists who are experienced in replacing missing teeth with implants. So, are you ready to enjoy a healthy, lasting and beautiful smile with implants? Book an appointment with us today.

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