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Dr Rory Nolan is our resident Specialist Periodontist at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge. He provides a full range of services in Periodontics, specialising in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease as well as the placement of dental implants and oral surgery including wisdom teeth extractions for our patients but also accepts referrals from other practices. If you are a nervous patient, Dr Nolan also provides in house oral sedation.  You can request a consultation with Dr Nolan by emailing info@pembrokedentist.ie.

Which Treatments Require a Specialist?

Teeth and gums can develop problems that require more than just a filling or cleaning. If you are experiencing discomfort related to more complex dental health concerns, our dentists can restore a healthy and functional foundation for your entire smile through specialist dental procedures and oral surgeries.

Dr Nolan offers a wide range of treatments, such as scaling and root planing (in which the infected surface of the root is cleaned) or root surface debridement (in which damaged tissue is removed). He can also treat patients with severe gum problems using a range of surgical procedures. In addition, Dr Nolan is specially trained in the placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants.

During the first visit, Dr Nolan usually reviews the patient’s complete medical and dental histories. It is extremely important for him to know if any medications are being taken or if the patient is being treated for any condition that can affect periodontal care, such as heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy.

Dr Nolan examines the gums, checks to see if there is any gum line recession, assesses how the teeth fit together when biting, and checks the teeth to see if any are loose. He will also take a small measuring instrument called a probe and place it between the teeth and gums to determine the depth of those spaces, known as periodontal pockets; this helps the periodontist assess the health of the gums. X-rays may also be taken to observe the health of the bone below the gum line.

Periodontal Treatment

Some patients’ periodontal needs can be managed by the general dentist. However, as more and more patients are exhibiting signs of periodontal disease, coupled with research that suggests a relationship between periodontal disease and other chronic diseases of ageing, periodontal treatment may necessitate a greater understanding and increased level of expertise by a trained specialist. Patients who present with moderate or severe levels of periodontal disease, or patients with more complex cases, will be best managed by a partnership between the dentist and periodontist.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dr Nolan specialises in the surgical placement of dental implants. Many Practices will place implants for you but few have a Specialist to do so.

Implants replace natural teeth that have been lost or extracted. An implant consists of a metal screw topped with an attachment called an abutment. This abutment is what secures the dental crown restoration to the implant.

An implant screw is placed into a hole that the dentist drills into the jawbone. Over the course of several months, the bone tissue heals up around the implant in a process called osseointegration. This seals the prosthetic tooth in place and creates a stable foundation for biting and chewing.

Dental implants are a popular restorative option because they are strong, durable, natural-looking and require only basic maintenance.

Although the concept of placing a dental implant may sound uncomfortable, the reality is that it is a very simple procedure. The oral surgeon makes a small incision in the gum tissue to expose the bone. A tiny hole is drilled in the bone. The implant is screwed in place and the gums are stitched back together over the surgical site. All of this takes only a few minutes and you won’t feel a thing after receiving dental anaesthetic.

After a few months of healing, the surgeon will reopen your gums to attach the abutment or healing cap onto the implant. Your gums will be allowed to heal around this for some weeks before the crown, or false tooth, is cemented over the abutment.

Bone Grafting

You may be in need of bone grafting if you have lost a portion of your jaw to injury or disease.

Grafting is a multi-step specialist dental treatment. The oral surgeon carefully maps out which areas of your mouth need restoration and then selects the suitable material. You may need a separate procedure if you will be using bone from another site in your body to restore your mouth.

After ensuring that the graft has been accepted by your body, the oral surgeon can move on to the next step of rebuilding your smile. This may include dental implants or a denture.

Bone grafting may also be necessary for replenishing depleted bone levels. Teeth affected by periodontitis may have lost significant bone support and need grafting to protect and stabilise their roots.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Do you have a cracked, abscessed or loose tooth? It may need to be extracted. Teeth that can’t be restored should be removed in order to keep your mouth healthy. If they are not extracted, damaged teeth can cause problems such as:

  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Difficulty eating
  • Bad breath
  • Infection

Extracting problematic teeth is often the first step towards rejuvenating your smile. Once they are gone, you can replace those teeth with durable and beautiful restorations like dental implants.

On occasion, it’s necessary to pull a tooth to prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatment.

Simple tooth extractions don’t take long at all. They are also pain-free and comfortable, thanks to dental anaesthetics. If the idea of getting a tooth pulled makes you nervous, then the oral sedation option available at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge can help make your treatment a relaxing experience.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, have a bad reputation for a good reason; they are prone to getting impacted. Impaction is when a tooth grows in at a wrong angle and puts pressure on another tooth. This can result in tooth root resorption and tooth crowding.

Additionally, wisdom teeth are hard to keep clean, so they are at risk of developing decay and periodontal disease.

You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed if they are causing you pain or become infected whilst erupting into your mouth (pericoronitis). Your wisdom teeth should also come out if x-ray imaging reveals that they are poised to emerge at a dangerous angle.

Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge offers comfortable and relaxed removal of wisdom teeth in Dublin, D4. Whether you only need one wisdom tooth removed or require an extraction of all four third molars, our specialist oral surgery dentist can help.

Cyst Removal and Biopsies

From suspicious growths to painful cysts and excess tissue, all of these issues can be treated by our oral surgeon with specialist dentistry at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge. Dr Eimear McHugh has extensive training in treating soft tissues in the mouth, in addition to tooth and bone.

Oral Surgery to Prepare for Braces

Braces can improve your oral health and enhance the appearance of your smile. If you are undergoing tooth alignment correction using braces, your mouth may first need some pre-treatment in order to optimise your orthodontic treatment.

For example, you may need to have a tooth or two removed so that there is enough space for your remaining teeth to be coaxed into a straight line. Or your canine teeth might need to be surgically exposed, in order to allow better access for attaching braces.

Whatever your orthodontic needs may be, you can count on the specialist dentistry team at Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge to help you maintain optimum oral health.

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