Jennifer Callanan Frye January 13, 2020

"I've moved a lot and finding a new dentist in a new town is always daunting.

I believe that Dr. Keenan has been exceptionally professional, upfront, and reasonable about what dental work I have needed. At Pembroke, I have not experienced uncomfortable sales pitches or pressure for unnecessary cosmetic treatments. I've developed a mild fear of Novocain injections after several very painful experiences. Dr. Keenan did an exceptional job and it did not hurt at all!

I have a lot of tooth and gum sensitivity, so cleanings have sometimes been painful in the past. But Lorraine is an exceptionally patient, kind, and talented hygienist.

Helena is very friendly and helpful, and email communication for scheduling is always very quick and professional. I feel very lucky to have found such a great dental practice! Thank you to the entire staff."

Lillian Sheehan November 25, 2019

"I was very apprehensive about getting braces, despite talking about getting them for years. I kept on talking myself out of it and deferring my decision for no other reason than vanity. Dr. Keenan really supported and helped me make the decision to move forward with my treatment and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My smile completely transformed within a year and when I look back now at old pictures of my teeth, I can barely believe they are mine! Dr. Keenan and his team prepared me for each stage of the process and were fully invested in my treatment plan and achieving optimum results. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough and if, like me, you’ve been putting the decision on the back burner for years– just do it, you’ll be so glad you did!"

Stephanie Kelly July 25, 2019

"Dr Keenan and his team have totally changed my view on visiting the dentist for the better. I was reluctant having not been seen by a dentist for almost 6 years since I last had braces. In 5 quick months my smile and confidence has totally changed. Dr Keenan talks you through everything making you feel super at ease. I would recommend his practice to anyone like me who was afraid from previous experiences. I'll definitely be sticking with Pembroke from now on."

Margo Moran January 30, 2019

"Would recommend Pembroke Dental to anyone who wants excellent dental care. Dr. David Keenan and his entire team are super professional and personable. I recently had a dental implant - the Pembroke team took care in explaining the steps and, equally important, was reassuring during the entire procedure. My spouse and I are expats from the US and have been receiving dental healthcare with Pembroke Dental over the last five years and will continue in future. They really are an outstanding team."

Brian Horgan November 14, 2018

"I had a very good experience getting fillings lately in Pembroke Dental with David. Up to now I have avoided getting fillings replaced or renewed due to bad experiences in my youth with other dentists. However with the sedation offered I must admit I had no issues or concerns on the follow up visits to get the remaining fillings. All done for now and I am very happy with the experience. Lorraine the hygienist is also to be praised for her consideration and her care and treatment".

Níamh McMahon September 13, 2018

"Fantastic Dentist! I have always been slightly insecure about my smile and thought it would take years to fix. David and his team have made such a big difference to my smile in just 5 months! I would definitely recommend David and his team. Thanks again!"

Julia Hagensen January 12, 2018

"Finding a really good dentist abroad was a challenge for me. I am more than happy to have found David and his team. Very professional, friendly and competent service. Most of all, the team really takes care of you as a person. I received my aligners yesterday and I am definitely going through some pain right now, but I know that it will turn out into the smile I want to have. I would recommend David to anyone without hesitation! Thumbs up and thanks to David and the team for looking after me!"

Jane O'Connor June 15, 2017

"I don't often write reviews for companies, but for orthodontics I think it's really important because it's such a big investment in terms of money and time. This was my second throw of the dice with braces, having had them for a couple of years as a teenager (I am now in my 30's). Therefore I was nervous about the experience itself and whether the result would last. I am so glad I took the plunge and went to Dr. Keenan in Pembroke Dental! I am really happy with the end result, and I was so glad to be working with such a supportive clinic. It was a collaborative experience and the team took into account my concerns from the very beginning, and answered my litany of questions! This was an altogether different experience from that of my teenage years and I'm so glad I now have the result that I wanted, and I was able to achieve this in a positive, good-natured environment. Thank you to all involved, I'm doing loads of smiling now!!!!"

Siobhán De Burca May 14, 2017

"Fantastic dentist! Has made a huge difference to my smile. Really friendly and professional - I wouldn't go anywhere else now."

Keith Monaghan April 21, 2017

"Great dentist. So glad I found them! Thx David and team."

Finn Murphy March 20, 2017

"Fantastic service at Pembroke Dental! I couldn't recommend David and the team more highly."

Jimmy Ó Fátharta December 12, 2016

"Easily the best dentist around. I walked into Pembroke Dental Clinic hating my smile. Now I can't stop smiling. Couldn't recommend the clinic high enough."

Patricia Graham June 27, 2016

“My experience with Pembroke Dental has been amazing. The atmosphere is so friendly and they always do their best to accommodate you and your schedule. I received treatment for 6 Month Braces in preparation for my wedding. Despite being a difficult case they worked to ensure a more than satisfactory outcome despite my time limit. They worked to a high level of professionalism and are very focused on perfectionism. I could not recommend them enough.”

Kieran Fahey June 27, 2016

"Terrific service, that I found to be extremely professional, very friendly, courteous and accommodating. I have used Pembroke dental since soon after the practice opened and find it the most stress free dental experience I’ve ever had. It’s very clean and modern and not at all like the dental surgeries I remember being so intimated of back in my childhood! The staff are great and the early and late appointments work really well."

Deborah King June 27, 2016

"Can’t recommend Dr Keenan highly enough. Very professional and caring in his manner. I have been attending him for a long time now and I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking for a great dentist."

Noreen Maloney June 27, 2016

“Excellent. Very gentle dentist. Had my teeth straightened and they now look almost perfect. Much better than I had expected. Thanks.”

Emmet Kelly June 27, 2016

“I’ve been to Pembroke a good few times now. Always in an emergency in fact! Not only have they been there when I needed them, but were always so professional and attentive. The work done, teeth repairs and cleaning, was flawless. I couldn’t recommend Pembroke Dental highly enough.”

Ewerton Fraga June 27, 2016

“Excellent dental clinic, top of line equipment with a very friendly and welcoming staff and the doctor is not only good but explain every single step of the process making you even more relaxed during your treatment. ?  Highly recommended !!!”

Tina Fowley June 27, 2016

“If you are a nervous patient or have an overwhelming phobia (like myself) then this is the dentist for you. David and his team totally put me at ease from the moment I arrived at Pembroke Dental. I have finally found a dentist who has worked with me to help me get over my phobia and made visiting the dentist a much more enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.”

Alan McGinley June 27, 2016

“Just had a very reassuring dental experience at Pembroke Dental, state of the art facilities coupled with very professional staff, felt very well looked after from start to finish, thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking dental care in Dublin.”

David Feighery June 27, 2016

"Thanks also to all the staff at Pembroke Dental who made my visit very personable and relaxed. PS: The the new surgery looks great!"

Jess Long April 5, 2016

"Great experience with Dr. Owens in a lovely practice."

Matt Caldicott February 16, 2016

"I had every confidence in David and the staff at Pembroke Dental from the moment I stepped through the door. A professional, knowledgable and honest treatment had me in and out of Six Month Smiles in record time. Highly recommended!"

Viola Bergere January 13, 2016

"First time in my life I can say I love my dentist! Amazing job, very friendly and helpful staff."

Tina Costanza November 17, 2014

"These guys really know their stuff and have completely obliterated my fear of dental procedures. Pembroke Dental Ballsbridge makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience and have always been as accommodating as possible. Now, nobody puts their hands in my mouth except Dr. Keenan (dentist extraordinaire) and Lorraine (hygienist extraordinaire)!"

Kellyann Moore October 20, 2014

"I have had to get a lot of work done on my teeth the past year and Pembroke Dental have been amazing. I no longer fear the dentist! I highly recommend them."

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