What are the different types of orthodontics available in Dublin?

What are the different types of orthodontics available in DublinEveryone wants a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a stunning set of teeth. But for those that aren’t, there’s no need to fret; there are ways to get the smile you have always wanted.

With so many options to straighten your teeth, you may have wondered what the best orthodontic method is best for you. Traditional braces usually come to mind, but those colourful brackets are not always everyone’s first choice.

Ceramic braces may not be the most popular, but they have many benefits than their traditional counterparts. Here are 7 benefits of ceramic braces that may surprise you.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

While ceramic braces are the same size and shape as traditional metal braces, there are a few key differences. Unlike their traditional counterparts that feature colourful brackets, ceramic braces are either tooth-coloured or clear.

Ceramic braces may even use tooth-coloured wires, so they are even less noticeable than the metallic option. The discrete look of invisible braces is one of the reasons many may prefer ceramic braces to the traditional option.

7 Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a great option for people of all ages. Before you go in for your orthodontist appointment, consider these seven benefits of ceramic braces over their traditional counterpart.

1. They’re Tough

Many people believe that traditional braces are the strongest and that no other method could compete. That, however, is a common misconception. Metal as a raw material is tougher, but that doesn’t affect the strength of the design of ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces’ design and application ensure maximum durability for the entire length of treatment. This style is just as strong and sturdy as traditional metal braces.

2. They Don’t Damage Tooth Enamel

It’s always a concern that when your braces come off, your teeth won’t be in the best state. Fortunately, ceramic braces do not damage your teeth’s enamel. This method uses advanced technology to attach with a strong bond with the least damage.

One concern for all braces wearers is the integrity of their teeth’s enamel. The bonding agent prevents demineralization that can change the colour of your teeth during your treatment.

Because ceramic braces offer both adhesive strengths and enamel protection, they’re a great option for those with sensitive teeth as well as those who want to protect their teeth’s integrity.

3. They Work Faster

Once you get your braces on, you probably start counting down the days to when you can get them off. With ceramic braces, your treatment length is often much faster than other teeth-straightening options.

Compared to removable aligners—another discreet option—ceramic braces don’t need to be removed and therefore continue to straighten your teeth. Our Dublin orthodontist can offer Clear Smile braces, getting you your ideal smile in no time.

Ceramic braces are as discrete while offering a shorter treatment time. The length of treatment depends on the initial state of your teeth. Be sure to discuss treatment length with your orthodontist for a clearer picture of how long to wear ceramic braces.

4. They’re More Comfortable Than Lingual Braces

Traditional braces can be very uncomfortable to wear. Cuts on the inside of the mouth and irritated gums are common occurrences with metal braces. However, wearers of ceramic braces don’t experience this as often.

Ceramic braces have smaller, rounded brackets, and the ceramic material offers less discomfort and less irritation in your mouth. Because ceramic is a softer and smoother material, soreness in the lips and cheeks is reduced.

Even though ceramic braces don’t offer a painless teeth-straightening solution, they provide an easier transition. They’re great for children or people with sensitive mouths or teeth.

5. They Don’t Stain Easily Like Invisible Braces

When it comes to invisible braces options, a huge worry is that they will stain, ruining the invisible look. The first ceramic braces were made of plastic and were easily stained by food and drink. But this has all changed with modern advances in technology.

Today’s ceramic braces are much less susceptible to discolouration while maintaining the clear and discrete look that’s sought after. However, being less susceptible doesn’t mean they can’t stain, and you should still practice the best dental hygiene.

If you don’t watch the foods you eat or brush regularly, ceramic braces can stain. So be sure to practice good dental hygiene when you have ceramic braces.

6. They’re Less Expensive on Our Dublin Orthodontics Price List

When considering your orthodontic options, the cost is something that’s always considered. Clear Aligners, SureSmile and Invisalign offer a similar invisible look as ceramic braces. But because of the system of multiple aligners, the treatment can get pretty pricy.

If removing your orthodontic treatment isn’t a factor for you, ceramic braces may be a great option. You can achieve the same invisible braces look but at a much lower price.

The cost of ceramic braces lands around the midpoint of all orthodontic treatments. So ceramic braces are a reasonable and cost-effective option than the other invisible alternatives.

7. They’re Easy to Remove

All orthodontist patients look forward to getting their braces off to reveal their new smile. Once your treatment is complete and the day has come to remove your braces, the job will be an easy one.

Technological advances have made removing the ceramic brackets easier than earlier designs. After the removal, the brackets are much less likely to leave behind demineralized tooth enamel, revealing a bright white and straight smile.

It must be noted that ceramic braces are not like the other invisible braces treatments like aligners that patients can remove on their own. Ceramic braces must be removed by a professional.

The Best Dentist Dublin

A beautiful, straight smile is closer than you think with ceramic braces. While they may not always come to mind first when considering your orthodontic options, ceramic braces offer benefits that traditional braces cannot.

If you’re willing to take on the maintenance and practice good oral hygiene, ceramic braces are a great option to straighten your smile.

Dublin has some of the best dentists and orthodontists, and Pembroke Dental is a five-star practice in the heart of Ballsbridge. Whether you’re planning a short trip or an extended stay in the city, Pembroke Dental can offer your top-tier treatments.

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